• Scheduling a Party

    Party Guidelines

    • All parties have to be over by 7:00 pm.
    • Only 1 Party per day / 2 party days in a row. (Ex. If there is a party on Friday and Saturday, then a party can not be scheduled for Sunday.)
    • Pool will close 30 minutes prior to party time to allow time for setup. You and your guests are expected to be out of the pool and gathering things to exit the property at end of party time.
    • Party length can not exceed 2 hours.



    Member: $75.00 plus $25.00 deposit for cleaning

    Non-Member: $125 plus $50.00 deposit for cleaning


    • Party date/time is not reserved until Party form is filled out and deposit is paid.
    • Failure to pay for party at least 1 week prior to date will cause party to be canceled and any deposit forfeited unless prior arraignments are made.
    • Failure to cancel party at least 1 week prior to date will cause any deposits to be forfeited. Some exceptions apply, such as weather on party date.




    If you would like a lifeguard for the party, it is your responsibility to arrange for one. You are responsible for all swimmers and for your guests following the rules of the pool and for any damages caused. You are responsible for cleanup of pool and placing trash in city provided trash can after party.

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